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Does pregnancy make you more emotionally dependant on your spouse and less motivated to do things? or should I speak with the doctor about this?
Pregnancy termination because of sex. The link is to a board on Babycenter and the passage below is an excerpt of one mother's comments.

I hate being the alien in this all male house. No one understands me, I don't understand them, but they all understand each other, it sucks being on the outside.

... there will be a day when both boys will be with daddy doing boy stuff and I'll be left to clean the house, wash the clothes, etc, while they are out having fun. It's enough to make me cry. I feel like having all boys is a punishment. I really do. I'm in some way not good enough to have a dd. But yet I see these crackpot drug addicted low life's having babies--healthy babies and it's like----WTF?

I am carrying a boy, 28 weeks along. I look everywhere for something that will make me happy about a boy. At the park they seem crazy and wild. At school they seem to be bad listeners. When I ask moms of boys about their experiences they do not have great things to say.

Now, aside from my urge to tell her that everything she describes as being bad is the result of poor parenting, (and a closet urge to shake her) I admit I find my normally prochoice bent a little shaky, as I can't imagine terminating a wanted pregnancy solely to have a child of a pre-chosen sex. I can't understand trying to get pregnant when you're not willing to love the child regardless of sex. What's your take? Does this make sense?
Woman sues for millions because childbirth hurt. She actually expected childbirth to be completely painless. That my friends, is not at all realistic. It is in fact categorically insane. If you were on the jury, what would you rule? Do you think this case should have made it to court?

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Good luck for all of you ladies who are still pregnant. I'll definitely be sticking around to offer any advice I can.

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I was wondering if any of you had some advice on choosing a pediatrician for your newborn. What kinds of things should I look for? What questions should I ask? How many did you talk to before you decided on one?

I know that the baby will have to have a check-up at 2-3 weeks, right? So that would leave me little to no time to find one so I'm trying to do it now.

Thanks for any advice.


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My grandmother called me yesterday to see how I was doing and feeling (but apparently soley with regards to being pregnant).

I had a severe cold and had only gotten 2 hours of sleep in the past two days as a result. I told her the truth. I felt horrible. I had a bad cold. She became annoyed and asked how the pregnancy was. I told her I didn't know because I was preoccupied with the cold feelings, and exhaustion, and didn't have the energy or time to focus on the being pregnant thing. This annoyed her even more and she went on to tell me how the unborn child comes first etc etc and even if I'm not focussing on it my body is.

I then told her I didn't like being pregnant. I think she wanted to kill me at this point. I tried to explain to her that the first tri-mester is supposed to be the worst one and the constant nauseua and pain and inability to take the cold medicines that would allow me to sleep plus the stomach bug I had had two weeks prior meant that I wasn't having the greatest time... but she basically said it was my duty as a mother to look at pregnancy at this beautiful and amazing thing because I will be having a baby.

I tried to explain that pregnancy and the baby are two different things, but then she went on a rant how she went through morning sickness and pain and loved every minute of it because it ended with her daughters, and she didn't understand what was wrong with me, and explained to me how horrible of a mother I am already being.

This phone call bothered me. What bothers me even more is this seems to be the general sentiment in most of the pregnancy communities I've found, regardless of age... and well, that's just not me. That call was yesterday. I am over my cold enough to sit up and type today, and today I am happy I started this community, because I think I'm going to need it.