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Does pregnancy make you more emotionally dependant on your spouse and less motivated to do things? or should I speak with the doctor about this?
Man, I was a lazy, emotional mess at various times throughout my pregnancy. During the first trimester especially, I felt really close to my husband and we spent a lot of time together. Mostly nights just going to bed really early and cuddling and stuff. I really needed that.

The second trimester was better beause I had more energy and felt more willing to start becoming social again. I started seeing friends and having a bit of a social life. But I still wanted to be around my husband more than anybody else. As far as being unmotivated, I didn't do much outside of my job requirements. And even those were done with little to no enthusiasm. Fortunately my performance didn't suffer and no one seemed to notice but I felt really withdrawn most days.

I wouldn't worry about your emotions too much, unless you're feeling really depressed or like you'd harm yourself or your baby. Talk to your husband [if you haven't already] about your physical and emotional needs while you're pregnant - because they would change day to day for me.

phew. I was getting nervous. I've been talking to my husband and he just wasn't getting it, but it seems like he is now, thank goodness. It is just abnormal for me to be like his, but it isn't quite depressed... it's more like.. PMS lite? only not all the time lol. And I am finally feeling a bit more social so I have hope for the last trimester.