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Pregnancy termination because of sex. The link is to a board on Babycenter and the passage below is an excerpt of one mother's comments.

I hate being the alien in this all male house. No one understands me, I don't understand them, but they all understand each other, it sucks being on the outside.

... there will be a day when both boys will be with daddy doing boy stuff and I'll be left to clean the house, wash the clothes, etc, while they are out having fun. It's enough to make me cry. I feel like having all boys is a punishment. I really do. I'm in some way not good enough to have a dd. But yet I see these crackpot drug addicted low life's having babies--healthy babies and it's like----WTF?

I am carrying a boy, 28 weeks along. I look everywhere for something that will make me happy about a boy. At the park they seem crazy and wild. At school they seem to be bad listeners. When I ask moms of boys about their experiences they do not have great things to say.

Now, aside from my urge to tell her that everything she describes as being bad is the result of poor parenting, (and a closet urge to shake her) I admit I find my normally prochoice bent a little shaky, as I can't imagine terminating a wanted pregnancy solely to have a child of a pre-chosen sex. I can't understand trying to get pregnant when you're not willing to love the child regardless of sex. What's your take? Does this make sense?
Obviously this woman has serious issues that need to be dealt with.